What is your actual home value?

Posted by Wayne Dumbrell
Oct 7th, 2015 at 2:56pm

What is your Parksville , Qualicum & areas Real Home Value

It always has been Demand and supply that determines the price of your home on the Vancouver Island real estate market. Since there are many factors to consider, it is almost impossible for a non-professional to determine the true value of a property. The Dumbrell Marketing group with over 35 years experience in the areas from Nanaimo thru Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Comox Valley our real estate professionals are happy to provide a free home evaluation to help you set a price. All we need is some information about your home. With experienced Real Estate Sales Agents, Associate Brokers and Licensed Mortgage Brokers , and even BC licensed Builders on our team we have the expertise to get the job done.

Please fill out the forms on our website and tell us a bit about your property or the property in the Central Vancouver Island areas that you would like to learn more about..

Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum Comparative Market Analysis explanation

There is no ‘real’ value — it all depends on how much buyers are ready to pay and how little sellers are willing to accept. This can be analyzed by a comparative market analysis. We will compare the market activity of homes with similar characteristics to yours in the given location. Comparing houses recently sold, existing listings, and expired listings, we can assess the current value of your home.

The main features to be considered:
Community Amenities
Buyer Supply
Financing Options

Denise Dumbrell will prepare a personally tailored free home evaluation for your house or condominium. She can do this in a few manners, if you are looking for a quick general rough answer Denise Dumbrell can supply that just by driving by your property and electronically generating a market statistical averaging for your location however to get a correct analysis that you can use for determining todays true market value Denise Dumbrell offers a more detailed free on site inspection and this free Comparative Market evaluation will enable you to see precisely where you home , Condominium or ray land sits in the marketplace. Consider again dropping her a note or calling Denise thru our direct 24/7 monitored service at 250-248-9996

Asking price is the key for a good start on the market. If you go too low, you may lose thousands, but if you overprice your property, you will lose precious time and listing expenses. Moreover, your property will be stigmatized by the unsuccessful sale.

The main reasons why the right asking price matters:
Your home will sell faster because with the right price, your property is targeted toward qualified buyers.
Your property’s ‘marketability’ doesn’t go down.

The closer your price is set to the current market value, the higher the offers.
A reasonably set price will generate more competing offers.

Denise Dumbrell as your realtor will be happy to present your property to potential buyers. Overpriced homes make the selling process difficult.

Ask us for your free home evaluation. No strings attached! Call 250-248-9996 or email us Denise@Dumbrell.ca and we will get right back to you.

The information you send us helps put together a detailed proposal and plan for selling your home.

If you'd rather speak to Denise Dumbrell personally please call 250-248-9996

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